Document Type : Research Paper


1 Doctoral student of Sports Management of Azad University, Borujerd Branch

2 Assistant Professor , Department of physical education, borujerd branch, Islamic Azad University, Borujerd, Iran

3 Department of Sports Management , Sanandaj University, Sanandaj, Iran



Introduction: The purpose of this research was to future studies the critical drivers of Iranian sports network governance in the horizon of 2035.

Methods: The current research strategy is prospective and has been carried out in three steps. The participants of this research were experts. The selection of these people was purposeful, and 19 people were selected based on the criteria of expertise. In this research, interviews and questionnaires were used to collect data, and Lincoln and Guba's (1985) evaluation indices were used to evaluate the research, including validity, transferability, reliability, and verifiability. To analyze the data in the interview analysis section (first step) using the coding method, in the area determining the importance and uncertainty (second step) using the arithmetic mean and in the future research section (third step) using the structural analysis method with The help of MICMAC software was used.

Results: The findings showed that the future of network governance of Iranian sports in the horizon of 2035 is affected by 14 variables. Still, only four variables of actor relationships, network centrality, and consensus-centeredness network management are the key drivers of the future of network governance in. They change the sport.

Conclusion: Therefore, the result of network synergy between the mentioned drivers is suggested to create a desirable future in the field of network governance in Iranian sports.


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