Open Access Policy


The Journal of Sports Management is an open-access quarterly journal and is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License CC BY-NC 4.0 . This means that all the articles of this journal are available for free to read, and copy and are available on the journal's website without cost after publication. According to BOAI's definition of open access, users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of articles, or use them for other legal purposes, without obtaining prior permission from the publisher or author.



lagiarism policies

All submitted articles are checked by the similarity detection system (Hamiyab Sinaweb) to ensure their authenticity.This journal only accepts articles to be sent for review that are the result of original research by an individual or group of authors and condemns any kind of plagiarism.Officials of the journal check for any unethical publication and research misconduct. To protect the credibility and efforts of other researchers, without any condonation and tolerance regarding the amount of unethical publication and research misconduct, the following legal action is taken:


1.The article will be rejected and if printed, it will be removed from the websites.

2.The names of all the authors of the article will be placed on the blacklist of Tehran University publications.

3.Legal action will be taken by the competent legal authorities.

4.The plagiarism file will be shared with other universities and related local and foreign publications through an official letter.

5.The status will be notified through an official letter to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), universities, institutions, publications, and any place where the authors have used the privilege of publishing this article.


Policies related to the archive of articles

All journal articles are archived in three ways: The PDF version of all articles is available online to readers on the journal website. A copy of the articles are available in full-text version through websites of the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), National Library and Archive of Iran (NLAI), Information Bank of the National Publications (Magiran), and Noor Specialized Journals Website (Noormags). Also, journal articles are available on social networks such as LinkedIn and Academia. The backup copy of the articles is kept in the journal's office.


Privacy Policy

The review of the articles in this publication is done confidentially and in double-blind manner, and the names of the authors are hidden for the reviewers and the names of the reviewers are hidden for the authors.


Copyright for authors

After the publication of the article, the authors can share their articles or archive them in repositories. They cannot use the content for commercial purposes. They can re-use their article anytime and anywhere including social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Weblogs, and Twitter, provided that the reference to the original work is properly cited. Also, the addressee can include the articles of this publication in the lesson headings. Also, the articles published in this journal are immediately shared in social networks and repositories.


Financial policies

The Journal of Sports Management is an open-access journal, that is, all content is provided to users for free. Therefore, publishing an article in this journal is dependent on the payment of "article reviewing costs" and “article printing and publishing actions" fees which should be paid by the authors.

The cost of submitting an article is 6,000,000 IRR, of which an amount of 2,000,000 IRR is charged for reviewing each article, and if the article is accepted, an amount of 4,000,000 IRR is collected from the authors for its publication. (If the corresponding author of the article is a student, only in case of final acceptance of the article, a 20% discount will be included for the printing cost). It is possible to pay the relevant fee online with Shetab cards.