Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Tehran

2 associate professor, Faculty of physical education and sport sciences, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran



Introduction: In recent years, the number of complaint cases against Iranian sports organizations, federations and clubs in Jurisdictions has increased significantly, and the vast majority they ended with the defeat of the Iranian side. So,, the purpose of this study was to pathology of Iranian Sports Legal Cases in International Courts.

Methods: This research is applied in terms of purpose and qualitative in nature, which was carried out using thematic analysis approach. The statistical population of the research included experts in the field of sports law who were aware of international sports legal cases, who were selected in a convenience and judgmental manner, and fifteen semi-structured interviews were conducted until theoretical saturation was reached.

Results: Based on the conducted interviews, finally 81 items in the form of 24 sub-categories and 8 main categories including negotiation, contract, contract implementation, complaints, corruption and lack of supervision, managerial atmosphere in Sport, legal structure and international legal environment in sports were identified and categorized.

Conclusion: Improving the awareness and attitude of stakeholders regarding sports law and revising the legal structure of sports in the country based on international experiences and appropriate punishment of offences can increase the success rate in international sports legal cases in the long term.


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