Document Type : Research Paper


1 Phd. Student of Strategic Management in Organizations and Sporting Events/Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / University of Tehran

2 Master of Education & Breeding in Kerman

3 Retired faculty member of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman


The purpose of this research is to describe the performance of the heads of the Iranian Physical Education Organization from the beginning of the formation. The research method was of historical type And the Physical Education Organization is of great importance as the main organization responsible for sports in the country and how it manages its management; In this study, physical education managers, who have been involved in planning and drafting laws of the National Organization of Physical Education in Iran, Introduce and manage their performance. In fact, the performance of all the directors or heads of the National Nursing Organization of Iran from the beginning of the year to 1357 AH. (Pahlavi era). The tools used in this research were documents (first-class sources) prepared by the National Library and Archives of Iran, newspapers and old books related to the subject of research. The results show that some managers of Iran's physical education organization such as Alaa, Samii, Izadpanah, Batmanaghlich, Khosravani and Kashani have been more successful than others. The study and the results of this study indicate that one of the important functions that has been carried out in these years is the adoption of the charter of physical education and the establishment of the Sports Center of Iran (by Dr. Samii, 1315) The opening of the 30,000-strong Amjadiya Stadium (by Dr. Samiyi, 1317), the formation of the National Olympic Committee of Iran (by Dr. Samiy, 1325), Iran's Olympic Games, The hosting of the Asian Football Championship and the first wrestling championship in the ancient continent of Tehran in 1347 during the Khasravani administration and the dissolution of the Physical Education Organization by the order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to establish the Foundation for new sports for the country under the title of Ministry of Sports and Youth in 1355 Made.


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