Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor in sport management, sport sciences faculty, University of Isfahan

2 Associated professor in sport management, sport sciences faculty, University of Isfahan.

3 PhD student in sport management, sport sciences faculty, University of Tehran


The aim of this study was to present the gray cluster analysis model in performance measurement and ranking of sport boards. The area under investigation was Esfahan province and the statistical sample consisted of sport boards which were team sports by ball including football, volleyball, handball, basketball, rugby, and baseball (and softball). They were ranked by gray cluster analysis based on four main elements: hardware development (3 indices), sport for all development (5 indices), championship and professional sport development (6 indices), and human resources development (8 indices). The results showed that handball board was first, football board was second and basketball board was third; rugby, volleyball, and baseball boards followed respectively. Finally, research model was provided for performance measurement and ranking of sport boards by gray cluster analysis method according to the steps of this study.


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