The purpose of this study was to survey the socioeconomic status of participants in sport for all in Mazandaran province. The sample consisted of 384 subjects who were randomly selected. The questionnaire of socioeconomic status was used in this study (?=0.89). Descriptive and inferential statistics (Pearson correlation coefficient) as well as SPSS ver. 13 were used to analyze the data (P<0.05). The following results were obtained: 83.9% of participants occupied low, low-middle and middle socioeconomic classes, 12.9% middle-high socioeconomic class and 3.2% high socioeconomic class. 17.7% of participants occupied high economic class, 23.9% high-middle economic class, 51.1% middle economic class, 3.5% middle-low economic class and 3.8% low economic class. There was a significant relationship between education (P<0.05), socioeconomic class (P<0.01), family (P<0.05), economic class (P<0.01) and the rate of participation in sport for all.