Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Management, Yazd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yazd, Iran



This research was conducted with the aim of identifying emotional marketing components that are effective on the behavior of children's sportswear consumers. The research is considered to be applied in terms of purpose, and qualitative-quantitative in terms of research method.The statistical population in the qualitative section included all scientific documents related to emotional marketing effective on consumer behavior, among which 98 valid scientific documents were purposefully selected as a statistical sample.In the quantitative part, the statistical sample included 10 experts in the field of marketing management who were selected in a targeted manner. The data collection tool in the qualitative part included taking slips of important points and recording them in the data collection slips, and a questionnaire was also used in the quantitative part. In total, during the process of content analysis of scientific texts,111 primary codes, 12 subcategories and 3 main categories were identified for emotional evaluation.These components were leveled using structural-interpretive modeling, which were at the highest level of understanding consumer values of the audience and product features that had high influence and low dependence.At the lowest level, there were positive and negative consequences of emotional marketing, which had low influence and high dependence. Between these two, there were other components called linked variables, which in order of effect were: consumer subjective norms, distribution of children's sportswear,


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