Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.A of Sports Management, University of Kurdistan,

2 Professor of Sport Management, University of Kurdistan

3 Ph.D. student sport management university of kurdistan

4 M.A of Sports Management, University of Razi.



The current research was conducted with the aim of identifying and prioritizing the functions of Instagram from the point of view of professional female athletes. The method of the present research is mixed and of the type of sequential exploratory design. The qualitative phase was conducted using thematic analysis method and the quantitative phase was conducted using the hierarchical analysis approach. The sampling method was purposeful. In the qualitative part, a semi-structured and in-depth interview was conducted with 13 participants until theoretical saturation. In the quantitative part, a researcher-made questionnaire was distributed among 10 participants in order to prioritize the themes of the qualitative part. In order to analyze the data, NVivo software was used in the qualitative part and Expert Choice software was used in the quantitative part. The findings showed that the functions of Instagram for female athletes include 49 primary concepts in 9 sub-themes in order of priority; social function (with a weight of 0.13), information (with a weight of 0.12), entertainment (with a weight of 0.11), economic function (with a weight of 0.11), interaction (with a weight of 0.11), education and Information acquisition (with a weight of 0.10), psychological function (with a weight of 0.10), promotion of the field (with a weight of 0.10) and self-expression (with a weight of 0.09) are categorized. According to the obtained results, it can be stated that sports organizations, managers and agencies and sports marketing consultants and


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