Document Type : Research Paper


1 Farhangian University

2 Payame Nour



The study was conducted with the general aim of designing and explaining the optimal scenario for the development of triathlon in Iran.

This descriptive-survey type of research has been conducted in a mixed sequential exploratory (qualitative-quantitative) and field study. The statistical population consists of professors of sports management, triathlon federation managers and provincial boards. The sample size was determined in the qualitative part until information saturation, and in the quantitative part, the sample size (73 people) was determined according to Cochran's table. The research tool in the qualitative part included structured interviews, and in the quantitative part, a questionnaire was obtained from the qualitative part. The form and content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts, and factor analysis was used for its structural validity. The reliability of the questionnaire was also confirmed in a preliminary study on 30 community members and Cronbach's alpha calculation. Exploratory factor analysis was used , and Friedman's test was used to prioritize the identified drivers with the help of SPSS version 23 software.

The model consists of 9 factors of transformation of management processes, media attention, talent search process, popularization of triathlon sport, equipment and infrastructure, human power, economic and political factors, structural factors and finally the processes of winning championships. Is.

a model of feasible, probable and desirable scenarios for the development of the country's trout was developed and presented, which can serve as a good beacon for the officials of this federation and provincial delegations.


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