Document Type : Research Paper


1 Eyvanekey Non-Governmental University. Semnan, Iran

2 Department of Physical Education, Farhangian University. Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Physical Education, yvanakey Non-Governmental University. Semnan, Iran


Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate the intangible values of football in the community and the willingness to pay to host valid sporting events with a contingent valuation method.
Methods: The research method is descriptive correlation and is of the categories of the applied research. The statistical population of the study included all people in the northern provinces of Iran. The sampling method was clustering and stratified and the required information was collected by simple random sampling. The urban centers of three provinces of Tehran, Golestan, Guilan and a total of 1155 people were selected as a research sample. To collect information, Vicker et al (2016) willingness to pay questionnaire, which has 15 questions and measures 12 intangible components of exercise, was used. In order to analyze the data, inferential statistical methods such as logistic regression and diagnostic logistic regression were used to predict the variables.
Results: The findings showed that, in general, %49 of the population were willing to pay 69.245 tomans. The variables of credit, sense of stadium and sports facilities, satisfaction, success, motivation for a healthy lifestyle, honor, fame, have the most and the strongest significant relationship with predicting the willingness to pay.
Conclusion: Relevant officials can support the improvement of the effects of sports development in the community by using appropriate facilities and equipment and providing conditions for hosting prestigious sports events.


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