Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Sports Management , Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, shomal University, Amol, Mazandaran,Iran

2 Department of Sports Management, Adib Mazandaran Institute of Higher Education


Introduction: The rapid evolution in technology and its impact on the growth of the complexity of business environments creates opportunities and challenges from a marketing perspective and deserves attention and research. Therefore, the purpose of this study is Designing the model of internet marketing mix for sports industry of ir Iran.
Methods: The research method is descriptive and is practical in terms of purpose. The statistical population of this study included 120 faculty members of sports management from universities across the country, experts in the field of marketing and knowledge of sports marketing. The sampling method is non-random and targeted accessible. Its validity was confirmed by ten sport management professors. Reliability was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha test. In this research, descriptive and inferential statistics methods were used to analyze the informations .Also the Partial Least Squares, (PLS) has been used to check the research hypotheses.
Results: The results showed that the elements of Internet marketing mix include: brand, communication, data collection, price, customer service, product, personalization, promotion and distribution have an high correlation with the development of internet marketing mix in the sports industry. Also the path coefficients have been achieved completely above 0.5 and show that these variables are get involved in the development of the internet marketing mix.
Conclusion: Therefore, it is suggested that the components identified in the present study be considered by the managers of sports organizations