Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Management, Bandar Anzali Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Anzali, Iran


Introduction: Lack of in-depth studies in representing the effective factors in sports success, caused us to investigate the reasons for the success of sports heroes in Bandar Anzali in the present study.
Methods: In this research, the qualitative research approach and the method of narrative research were used. This research is based on a semi-structured interview and a purposeful sampling. Interviews were conducted with 8 participants based on the quality of medals at the world level and the Asian Games.
Results: based on the findings of narrative interviews, the themes of sports success factors are: psychological factors (concentration and self-confidence, interest and passion, motivation, purposefulness, perseverance and commitment, imagery, self-efficacy), technical and physical ability ( technique, tactics, physical fitness), material and economic factors (facilities, equipment and suitable sports space, money), organizational and managerial factors (existence of experienced coaches, talent management, sports psychologist, mass media, government and Ministry of Sports, planning and time management), environmental living conditions (geographical conditions of place of residence and location, culture and family support), which are presented to the participants in the interview and approved after a series of reviews. The research findings are consistent with research in the field of sports success.
Conclusion: Since the findings of this study are directly derived from the views of sports heroes, it can be very useful for other athletes who want to succeed in their field of sports


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