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1 Professor, Department of Sport Management,, Faculty of Physical education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran , Iran

2 PhD Candidate, Department of Sport Management,, Faculty of Physical education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran , Iran

3 Associate Professor. Department of Sport Management,, Faculty of Physical education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran , Iran

4 Associate Professor of , Department of Sport Management,, Faculty of Physical education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran , Iran


The aim of this study was to determine the strategic position and develop strategic plan of the deputy of the athletics and professional development. The research method was qualitative and the research goal was demanded-centered and based on applied research. An open-ended questionnaire and a half-structured interview were used to gain feedback from the members of the focused groups. for this, the members of the strategy council review and approval was regarded.The sample consisted of a number of heads of federations, Vice-president of the federation, the deputy athletics and professional development ‎ and the deputy for women, general managers and a number of experts in the deputy athletics and professional development ‎ was considered (the total number of 30 as a whole). After analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats formation and evaluation matrix of each of the internal and external factors, It was obvious that the deputy championship in terms of strategic position is in the region WO. However, all eleven strategies were chosen to develop its mission. It can be said that based on current opportunity, internal weaknesses reduction, and conservative strategies the championship and professional deputy could get to magnificent objectives of organization.


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