Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Sports Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of relational marketing on the satisfaction of customers of sports complexes in Tehran with the mediation of brand trust and customer appreciation.
Research method: The purpose of this research was applied and descriptive-survey. The statistical population of the research included all customers using sports complexes in Tehran. The statistical sample (471 people) was selected as available. The research tools included questionnaires related to marketing investment and customer appreciation, brand trust and customer satisfaction. PLS and SPSS software were used for data analysis.
Findings: The results showed that brand trust has a significant effect on customer satisfaction; Also, investing in relational marketing had a significant effect on brand trust, customer satisfaction and appreciation. But customer appreciation had no significant effect on customer satisfaction. The variable effect of investment in relational marketing on customer satisfaction was significant through the mediation of brand trust, but it was not significant through the mediation of customer appreciation.
Conclusion: Based on the results of the research, it can be said that trust in the brand plays an essential role in creating consumer-brand loyalty and this mentality can lead to the satisfaction and loyalty of the users of the sports complex through trust in the brand, so paying attention to the following factors It can be used as a model for understanding customer behavior to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.