Document Type : Research Paper


1 university of Tabriz and university of Tehran

2 faculty of sports,Arak university, Arak, Iran


One of the most important approaches of society to living and health standards is Investigating the consumption pattern and the trend of changes in household sports consumption. This study was descriptive-analytical and due to the nature of the issue, data collection on household sports expenditures in 7 groups and using the documents, during 15 years from the Statistics Center and Central Bank of Iran, was done. The data are obtained, the first using descriptive statistics, it was summarized using tables and graphs; and then with econometric methods, relative and real changes and then according to the price index in the above years and to eliminate the effects of inflation, its relative and real growth was calculated. Also, the Kolmogorov Smirnov test, paired t-test, and independent t-test was used at α = 0.05 with SPSS. The results show that household sports expenditures in 2016 compared to 2001 had 95% real growth. Of the total sports expenditures, about 61% were related to urban households and the rest to rural households. Urban household per capita in 2016 had a significant decrease and negative growth but rural household sports per capita increased and had positive growth. Lack of significant sports participation in Iran, increasing inflation shifting the share of important expenses for households, and increasing urbanization rates can be factors affecting the results.