Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Sport Management, Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran


The main purpose of this study was to identify effective indicators and components of mass population management in Iran’s staduioms. This research is a qualitative exploratory one. In terms of results, it can be considered as a basic and applied research and based on paradigm it is pragmatism. Statistical population of this study includes: experts and proffesors of sport management, managers of high capacity staduioms, executive managers related to staduiom’s professional clubbing and senior managers of footbal federation. A sample of 12 people were choosen by snowball sampling. In order to data collecting, semistructered interviews with experts was used. Reliability of research was confiremed by test-retest method. Coding and data analyzing was done by maxqda version 2021. Results of data analaysis showed that: “ mass population management” as main phenomena includes 6 main categories which named as: event management, mass population managmen, desition-making, effective management, efficient management and human resourse mangement. Nature of sport events,The atmospher of staduiom. Security, Nature of crisis, Technical factors, Enviromental hazards and Threats asssumes as casual conditions. Information and communication technology, Staff training, Equipments and infrastructures, Human resourse, Wellfare facilities and Codition of social and political crisis are called context conditions which are effective on mass population mangement in Iran’s staduioms.