Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Sport Management, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: The present study was conducted to design a model of opportunities and challenges of using guerrilla marketing in Iranian sports applying a combined approach.
Methods: In terms of applied purpose, the present study was a research method mixed with consecutive exploratory type and a survey collection method. The statistical population in the qualitative part included professors and researchers (13 people) and in the quantitative part included university professors and sports managers (144 people).
Results: In general, it was found that opportunities include: very low cost, high durability, ad sharing, possibility of participation, high diversity, high attractiveness, visual beauty, public acceptance, message comprehensibility, customers' emotional response, impact on the mind unconsciously, engaging the imagination, creating a sense of surprise and creativity. Also, high innovation and challenges include: misinterpretation of the advertising message, improper placement of the ad, failure to provide permission to install the ad, high bureaucracy to get the ad to install the ad, water status and air on propaganda, creating obstacles for people, high risk of guerrilla propaganda, the possibility of creating life-threatening consequences following the installation of guerrilla propaganda (projectors, special billboards, etc.) and cultural-religious restrictions.
Conclusion: Finally, solutions were also provided for this purpose. Given the numerous benefits of guerrilla marketing in the country's sports, it is recommended that the country's sports managers (in the private and public sectors) use guerrilla marketing techniques.