Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Sports Management, Hamadan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamadan, Iran


Introduction: The present study was conducted with the aim of designing a model for the internationalization of the brand of Premier League volleyball clubs with a combined approach.
Methods: The present study was a survey in terms of applied purpose, research method, mixed exploratory type and survey data collection method.The research method in the qualitative part was qualitative analysis of the theme and in the quantitative part was structural equation modeling. The statistical population in the qualitative section included the faculty members of universities with the specialization of volleyball, sports directors and professors; These individuals were purposefully selected for qualitative interviews on the subject of research (19 interviews with 19 people and continued until theoretical saturation). The statistical population of the quantitative section is the same as the qualitative section group with more numbers. Out of 137 research samples, 116 correct questionnaires were analyzed. In order to analyze the data of the present study, coding in the qualitative part and structural equation method in the quantitative part were used.
Results: In the qualitative part of the research, it was found that the categories were extracted in the form of 36 concept codes and 11 main categories. In the quantitative section, it was found that all 11 categories of research (volleyball position, fans, managers, planning, media, education, volleyball league, competitions, economics, manpower and socio-cultural factors) have a good fit.
Conclusion: Relevant managers are suggested to create the conditions for the internationalization of the brand of volleyball clubs in the country by creating well-written and strategic plans.