Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Physical Education, University of Farhangian, Tehran, Iran.


Provide a Structural Model of Personality Traits and Purchase Intention of Sport Consumer

Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of personality in the purchase intention of sport consumers.
Methods: This is an applied, descriptive research and contemporary in terms of time. Based on Cochran's formula, 350 people were selected by multi-stage cluster sampling method among the physical education students in the central provinces of Iran (Isfahan, Yazd, Semnan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari) who answered four questionnaires: Openness to Experience, Fantasy-Proneness, Visual Processing Style and Purchase Intention (with approved validity and acceptable reliability). The data were analyzed at two levels of descriptive and inferential with the method of structural equation modeling and the proposed research model.
Results: The results showed that the relationship between openness to experience and visual processing style with the purchase intention was significant, but there was no significant relationship with the fantasy-proneness
Conclusion: This study showed that personality variables are important factors for consumer research and their potential roles need more attention of researchers and sport marketers. Therefore, managers and those involved in sports markets can take steps to predict the behavior of consumers, how to lead and dominate the market by examining and understanding the personality nature of their customers.
Fantasy-Proneness, Openness to Experience, Purchase Intention, Sport Consumer, Visual Processing Style,


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