Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master in Sport Management, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Kerman Branch, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Vali-e-Asr University, Rafsanjan, Iran

3 PhD Student in Sport Management, Shahrood University of Technology, shahrood, Iran


The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of Good Governance indicators in explaining Human Resources Development of youth and sport offices of Kerman province. This study was a descriptive-correlative type that was administered as a field study. The population of this study included all employees of Youth and Sports offices of Kerman Province (N=252), that among them 151 persons selected by cluster sampling method. After determining validity and reliability, in order to data gathering use of Good Governance and Human Resources Development questionnaires. The data analyzed by method Partial Least Square. Findings indicated that six dimensions of Good Governance namely Conclusion, Effectiveness of Roles and Tasks, Promotion of Values, Transparency, Capacity Building and Accountability has a direct and significant impact on Human Resources Development of youth and sport offices. According to the findings of this study, suggested to the experts Sport and Youth offices do provide the necessary context for the implementation of the principles of good governance model for human resource development in these offices.


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