Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD, department sport management. university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Associate professor, department sport management. university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


The current study intended to design a model for the role of factors shaping the atmosphere of futsal halls on satisfaction and behavioral tendencies of Iranian Futsal Super League spectators. This study was an applied descriptive research conducted as a field research. The statistical population of the study included all spectators over 15 years of age who had participated in Futsal Super League Championship (2016). A sample of 397 individuals were selected according to Morgan's table. The research instruments included Behavioral Tendencies Questionnaire (Brady et al., 2005) and Satisfaction Scale. The authors also developed an Atmosphere Questionnaire on three levels (macro, middle, and micro). In order to analyze the data, partial least squares and Smart PLS3 software were utilized. The findings of the study demonstrated that the middle, micro, and macro dimensions respectively have the highest role in explaining the variance of the futsal salons atmosphere (path coefficient of 0.981, 0.940 and 0.848 respectively). Based on path analysis, it was determined that the salon`s atmosphere is significantly associated with satisfaction of the spectators and their behavioral tendencies. Additionally, Sobel test showed that 23 percent of the total effect of atmosphere on behavior tendencies of spectators is indirectly explained based on the mediating role of satisfaction (p<0.05). Therefore, it is essential that clubs and their managersdo their best so as to promote the atmosphere of salons through quantitatively and qualitatively enhancing the services to fans as the main capital of the club in an attempt to facilitate their satisfaction and reappearance in Hall.


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