Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Allameh Tabataba’i, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: The purpose of this study was to design a model for managing barriers of sponsorship for Iranian women's championship sports, using grounded theory based on the Strauss-Corbin’s approach.
Methods: The research participants consisted of experts in the field of women's sports, including professors of sports management, researchers in the field of women's studies, managers and officials of sports organizations, coaches, athletes, managers of private companies selected according to the triangulation technique. The participants were selected first by purposive sampling method and then by theoretical sampling method. The interview with the experts started with 10 people and continued until the theoretical saturation was reached, and finally 21 people participated in the interview. Open, axial and selective coding were used to analyze the data.
Results: In the selective coding stage, the components of the coding paradigm were described; Pattern, drawing and theory were developed and presented. Finally, 8 main components and 21 sub-components were extracted and presented in the form of a theoretical model based on the data theory of the foundation.
Conclusion: According to the results, the management of sponsorship barriers for women's championship sports has different dimensions, and simultaneous attention to all dimensions and removal of barriers will attract sponsors and comprehensive development and more women's championship sports in the country.


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