Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Tehran

2 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, SSRI


The aim of this study was to investigate the role of sport and sport diplomacy development in advancing sociocultural policies and foreign relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Qualitative research methodology was applied. 20 sport experts who had considerable international and management experiences in the field of sport were selected by purposive sampling method and theoretical saturation. Then the required data were obtained using unstructured exploratory interviews. Different coding methods including open, selective and distinctive were used and the data were analyzed and interpreted in terms of the study aims and questions. The results revealed different challenges and weaknesses including lack of clear policies, lack of required knowledge and awareness in this field, and lack of knowledge about potential capacities in sport - culture diplomacy. In the end, some recommendations and measures to realize sport diplomacy goals through hosting international events, participation in international events, dispatching coaches and athletes, national media context, using sport stars and elites, and purposeful membership in international communities were offered.


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