Document Type : Research Paper


The purpose of this study was the investigation of effective factors on customers’ satisfaction of Mashhad city sports places based on IPA model. The population of this study included all Customers of Mashhad city sports facilities. Out of which 396 person were chosen by convenience sampling. The questionnaire that was designed by investigator used for data collection.This questionnaire included 13 factors and 55 questions. The research results showed 13 factors affecting on the customers’ satisfaction, 6 factors among males and 7 factors among females were in the lower priority area, 6 factors among males and 2 factors among females were in the concentrate here area and 1 factor among males and 4 factors among females were in the keep up the good work. The factors that have been in the lower priority area are not threatening for the system operation and don’t require immediate correction. The factors that have been in the concentrate here area, requires immediate reform and in this respect have high priority. Finally, the factors that have been in the keep up the good work area not only are important for the customers but also satisfied with their performance.


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