Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associated professor, Faculty of physical education and sport sciences. Alame tabatabaie University, Tehran, Iran

2 master of science Faculty of physical education and sport sciences. Alame tabatabaie University, Tehran, Iran


This paper studies the impact of strategic thinking training on sports managers using gamification .The type of methodology used for this study is the experimental method. The statistical population is consisted of sport manager's ministry of physical education. The sample size was determined 45 and was chosed according from the statistical population . self-made questionnaire consisted of 7 parts in forms of electronic and paper was used and content validity of questionnaire was confirmed by sports management professors and reliability of the questionnaire was determined 0.98 and for the computer game 0.90. Frequency measure and percentage of frequency used to represent descriptive data and Shaper-Wilk test used to investigate the normal distribution of data. Also, Leven test used to analyze data for homogeneity of variance and Univariate test was used to compare mean of different study groups. According to the result of Univariate test, training strategic thinking from gasification has a meaningful impact (F = 52.629, sig = 0.001). Also, results show strategic thinking is needed for sports manager in our country and methodology of training has a key role in learning procedure and their motivation which shows the better impact of gasification on strategic thinking comparison to traditional methods.


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