Document Type : Research Paper


1 MA Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

2 Professor of Physical Education Department of humanities, Faculty of Physical Education, University of Tehran., Tehran, Iran.

3 MA Physical Education Department of humanities, Faculty of Physical Education, Azad University of Karaj., Karaj, Iran.


The aim of this study was to investigate the attitude of employees in sport organization of Tehran municipality toward glass ceiling and weakness society acceptance in women which was conducted by descriptive-survey method. The statistical population consisted of all employees working in sport organization of Tehran municipality (93 women and 120 men). As the population was limited and in order to obtain better results, the sample was equal to the population and 93 questionnaires were collected from women and 109 questionnaires were collected from men. The inner stability of the questionnaire was calculated as 0.92 using Cronbach's alpha. The data were analyzed by K-S test and independent t test. Research findings indicated no significant difference between men and women attitudes in glass ceiling (p < /em>>0.05) and both groups believed that glass ceiling existed sport organization of municipality. Also, there was a significant difference between men and women attitudes in weakness society acceptance (p < /em><0.001) and men believed in weakness society acceptance (in women) more than women. So it is recommended that the positive supportive actions should be taken for women and also strategies should be presented to make basic changes in principles and attitudes.


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