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One of the most reasonable approaches to reach optimal productivity and development in the sport organizations is to have a defined plan and to identify the strategies to catch the organizational targets. The aim of this study was to determine the sport climbing strategies in Iran by the SWOT method. This study was application in terms of aim and nature and descriptive-analytical in terms of strategy. Firstly, the current status of Iran sport climbing was studied and then a questionnaire was designed with reliability of α=0.95. It was distributed among 97 subjects relating to Iran sport climbing. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics including measures of central tendency and dispersion and inferential statistics including Chi-square and Friedman test. Finally, SWOT analysis model was applied. The matrix of internal and external (IE) factors revealed that the position of sport climbing in Iran was in weakness and threats (WT) area. 14 strategies were determined by the TOWS matrix, ranked by QSPM matrix and proposed. According to the location of sport climbing in WT position, it seems that operating the proposed strategies can support this sport to leave the current critical situation towards a better place.


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