Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professorof Sport management, Faculty of Physical Education& sport sciences, Razi University, Kermanshah, IRAN.

2 MA, of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education& sport sciences, Razi University Kermanshah, IRAN.

3 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physical Education& sport sciences, Razi University, Kermanshah, IRAN.


 The aim of this study was strategic pathology of Sport and Youth general office of Kermanshah province in sport based on SWOT model. In this descriptive survey, the statistical population included managers, deputies, staff of Sport and Youth offices and presidents and vice-presidents of sports associations (N=186). The statistical sample was equal to population (census sampling method) but 150 subjects answered the questionnaires. A SWOT researcher-made questionnaire was used; its validity was confirmed by 10 sport experts and its reliability was approved by Cronbach alpha (α=0.93). For data analysis, descriptive indices, mean comparison and Friedman test were used and IFE, EFE and IE matrixes were administered to identify strategic position. Findings indicated 15 strengths, 16 weaknesses, 14 opportunities and 14 threats with WO strategic position (conservative strategy). It was concluded that the policy makers of this office should use the existing environmental opportunities to eliminate internal weaknesses.


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