Document Type : Research Paper


1 . Associate Professor, Sport Management Department, Shahid Bahonar Kerman University, Kerman, Iran t

2 M.Sc. of Sport Management, Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Branch, Isfahan, Iran (


This study aimed at identifying and prioritizing the barriers to participation of staff of public offices in Kerman province in physical activities. The statistical population consisted of all staff of public offices of Kerman province (N=23360 according to the annual statistics of offices in Kerman province in 2012). The sample size was 378 subjects using Krejcie and Morgan (1970) table. This study used an application method and was conducted as a survey. Data were collected by a researcher-made questioner of Sport Participating Barriers. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated as 0.91. Firstly, the barriers to staff's participation in sports were identified and then ranked using different models of decision making (MADM). As the above models did not agree in some cases, Kopland integration technique was used to reach a consensus. Results showed that three main barriers to staff's participation in physical activities were lack of various favorite sports in organizations، lack of sports facilities in public offices of Kerman province and lack of proper planning for staff's physical activities respectively.


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