Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of the present study was to explore of job characteristics among Iranian soccer referees based on Job Characteristics Model (JCM). The statistical society was selected from soccer referees in premier league and A-league. The statistical samples were chosen equal to the statistical society; therefore 157 elite soccer referees were examined. The data were collected by a seven-point Likert scale Jacko’s questionnaire (2004) which its content and face validity was confirmed by 12 university expert and soccer referees and Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient was used to test the reliability (r = .91). To compare and modeling the core job characteristics of soccer referees, Mauchly’s W, Huynh-feldt tests and Partial Least Squares (PLS) were used. Results show that characteristics of skill variety (.79), specialization (.77), feedback from job (.62), process information (.61), autonomy (.53), task significant (.50), problem solving (.27), had significant effects on core job characteristics among soccer referees, respectively. Given that criteria psychological states did not have any effects on general satisfaction, it seems that other mediator variables are needed for JCM of soccer referees. On the whole, attitudinal and behavioral outcomes of soccer referees mainly achieved through characteristics of skill variety and task significant, and psychological state of meaningfulness of the work.