Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study was to investigate the causal relationship between locus of control and organizational ethic with job satisfaction and present a final model in workplace for physical education teachers in Alborz province, Iran. A total of 300 teachers were selected through stratified random sampling.The instruments used in the study were 3 questionnaires of Wysocki and Kromm Job Satisfaction (1994), Organizational Ethic of Chy koh (2001), Locus of Control Scale developed by Burger (1986). Data from the questionnaires were analyzed using AMOS-16 and SPSS19 software. The results of final model showed that there was a negative and significant relationship between the variables of organizational ethic and external locus of control. There was a positive and significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational ethic. Similarly, the relationship between organizational ethic and internal locus of control was positive and significant. Same results were obtained for male and female teachers.