Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of the present research is to examine the evaluation of the extent of achieving ‎educational aims of Physical Education M.A. on occupational success for occupied graduates. ‎The present research method is descriptive and the statistical community for the research is ‎comprised of all the graduates in 1991 and further, who had jobs. The scale for measuring the ‎research was questionnaire. In this research descriptive statistics and also perceptive statistics ‎such as Kolomogorov- Smoirmov, Spearman, and Pierson Correlation Coefficients, Chi square ‎and Friedman test was used. The achieved results from this research demonstrated that there is a ‎meaningful and positive relation among the role of perceptive educations and occupational ‎success for graduates of Physical Education M.A. (r=0.598 and p=0.01); there is meaningful ‎difference among the perception of Physical Education M.A. Graduates to educational ‎tendencies and their jobs (p=0.01); there is meaningful and positive relation among the ‎satisfaction of Physical Education M.A. Graduates from educational characteristics – ‎specializing, basic and optional – with occupational success only in physiology tendency in basic ‎subjects (p=0.038 and r=0.558), laboratory techniques and thesis (p=0.027 and r=0.589). So ‎occupational success for graduates should be an exclusive attention towards theoretical ‎educations and beside that, there should be practical subjects regarding to any tendency.‎