Document Type : Research Paper



Today it seems to be necessary to generate innovative ideas in social and economic section to comparative advantage in new business opportunities. Therefore, this study aimed to compared the views of experts of sports management and co-administration experts on the development of small and medium sport enterprises in the form of cooperative, in order to achieve economic and social goals. This research is Descriptive–survey. Statistical society of this research included co-administration experts and masters of faculty physical education in sport management of Iran. The sample was by counting all from the community. The survey was performed through questionnaires that 33 measures were utilized, in which responses were measured by a 5-point Likert-type scale. The conceptual validation of questionnaires is confirmed by experts. The reliability of scales, for co-administration experts 0.91 and for academic experts was 0.94. The results of analyzing data in this research was performed employing repeated analysis of variance test, bounferoni test and Independent t-test in Significant level of ? ?0.05 by SPSS 18. Findings of this research showed no significant deference between co-administration and academic experts, viewpoint. And all of two groups been agree about the importance of supportive-incentive, legal-structure, training, ICT factors and information-cultural factors on the development of small and medium sport enterprises in the form of cooperative.