Document Type : Research Paper



Due to the importance and benefits of entering premier league’s football clubs into stock market, this research has been done to assess the current status of mentioned clubs and compare it with the conditions for entering the stock market and give practical proposals for entering the premier league’s professional football clubs into stock market. This study was a descriptive-survey research. The instrument for collecting data was a researcher-made check-list regulated on the basis of the stock market’s terms & conditions and its validity confirmed by experts and specialists. The statistical population of this research was the 18 premier league’s professional football clubs in the year 1390 and the sample was the same statistic population. The data was collected from the club’s managers. To study and analyze the collected data, descriptive statistics was used. The obtained results indicate that: 1- the structure of management and human resources of mentioned clubs is not appropriate for a professional beneficial football club. 2-none of the clubs investigated in this research is qualify for entering the stock market. 3-concerning AIM except Rah Ahan club which shares have been sold through this market to the private section in a lump without crossing the process of entering the market, other clubs have not entered it yet. Regarding the results of this research, it’s necessary that mentioned clubs establish required changes in their managerial, official and financial structure for entering the stock market.