Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student Tehran Payam Noor University

2 Ph.D Allame Tabatabai University

3 M.Sc Allame Tabatabai University


The present study aimed to examine the relationship between information technology and knowledge management in sports federations. The research method was correlation and survey. The statistical population included all sport federations and the sample consisted of 12 federations (7 individual federations and 5 team federations). Out of 378 employees from the selected sport federations, 191 employees were selected as the sample by random sampling proportional method. Fathi (1389) information technology questionnaire and Askari (1384) knowledge management questionnaire were used to collect data. Their reliability was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient as r=0.85, r=0.79 respectively. Descriptive statistics was used to rank data and draw tables and graphs and inferential methods (K-S test, Pearson correlation coefficient, one–way analysis of variance and multivariate regression analysis) were used to examine research hypotheses. The results showed a positive and significant relationship between information technology and knowledge management components in the selected sports federations. The result of multivariate regression analysis showed that components of information technology were significant predictors of knowledge management. It seems that to equip sports federations with modern technologies and to provide facilities for employees to work with them can facilitate the flow of knowledge in various parts of organizations.