The aim of this study was to investigate the difficulties of writing physical education and sport sciences theses for master graduate students. Master theses written in physical education and sport sciences field comprise a considerable portion of researches carried out in this field; therefore, it is necessary to recognize and alleviate these problems and difficulties. For this purpose, perspectives of 137 master physical education students of universities of Urmia, Shahid Chamran Ahvaz, Tarbiat Moallem Tehran, Tehran, Shahid Beheshti, Ferdowsi Mashhad and Guilan in 1385 were collected through a researcher-made questionnaire (?=0.89). The results indicated that the most important problems of the students when writing theses are insufficient access to financial resources (1.64 out of 4), inappropriate resources and bureaucracy of university (1.98 out of 4), limited access to scientific resources (2.23 out of 4), inadequate scientific and practical abilities of students (2.45 out of 4), and low quality of advice by supervisors and advisors (2.65 out of 4) respectively. In addition, findings showed a significant difference between supervisors and advisors in the quality of their advising (P?0.001), that is, advising quality of supervisors (mean of 2.75) was higher than advisors (mean of 2.54). Also, 93.3% of students disagreed with elimination of theses from educational system but only 57.3% expressed that students do not cheat at their theses. Low satisfaction of students of Urmia University was noteworthy, that is, these students reported most difficulties in 4 major factors out of 5 factors in the research