The aim of this research was to investigate the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship in five successful and five unsuccessful sport federations. The research method was descriptive and correlation. The statistical population consisted of 5 managers and 3 experts from each federation (overall 80 subjects). To analyze the data, the Pearson correlation coefficient was applied. Innovation variable (competency, impact, self-determining, trust and meaningfulness) were evaluated. On the other hand, self-confidence, ability to accept risks, achievement, flexibility and responsibility were considered as entrepreneurship factors. The results showed no significant relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship in 10 successful and unsuccessful federations (P>0.05). This study suggested that although innovation and entrepreneurship are individual matters, external and internal factors influencing them should be taken into consideration and examined. It should be noted that Physical Education Organization has selected the federations. The successful federations were kabaddi federation, federation for the disabled, bodybuilding and powerlifting federation, track and field federation and cycling federation. The unsuccessful federations were tennis federation, gymnastic federation, weightlifting federation, golf federation and baseball federation.