The aim of this study was to examine the validity and reliability of sport commitment model (SCM) in athlete students. 327 athlete students (206 male, 121 female) who were selected by stratified random sampling method completed the sport commitment model questionnaire (Scanlan et al. 1993). Results of exploratory factor analysis indicated that the model had five factors that could explain 67% of the total variance. Results of confirmatory factor analysis using structural equation modelling showed that the five-factor model provided an adequate fit to the data. Cronbach’s alpha coefficients except for involvement alternatives and involvement opportunities were at an acceptable level (?=0.70). Test-retest coefficients also showed that this inventory had an adequate time consistency. The results showed that the SCM questionnaire had satisfactory reliability and validity in the sample of athlete students. Therefore, this model could provide a multidimensional theoretical framework to measure the continuation of participation behaviour in a specific sport or physical activity in general.