The aim of this study was to survey the relationship between participation motivation, psychological empowerment and affective commitment in Iran Physical Education Organization employees. The statistical population consisted of 380 experts and managers of Iran Physical Education Organization. With Krejcie and Morgan’s table, statistical sample (n=225) was selected. Spritzer’s standardized psychological empowerment questionnaire, Meyer and Allen’s standardized affective commitment questionnaire and Yang’s participation motivation questionnaire (CMQ) were used. Descriptive and path analytic methods were used to analyze data. The results showed that participation motivation had a significant positive direct (0.16) and indirect (0.15) effect on affective commitment. Also, psychological empowerment had a significant direct effect on affective commitment (0.26). Therefore, a high section of variance of psychological empowerment (0.26) and affective commitment (0.52) is a result of employees’ participation motivation. It can be generally stated that to create affective commitment in employees, it is essential for Physical Education Organization managers to improve this dimension through a motivated participation atmosphere, appropriate strategies of empowerment and direct involvement in these affairs.