Application of up to date knowledge and information, diagnosis, education, sharing, development, utilization and maintenance of knowledge is essential for the organizations, especially Physical Education Organization, to continue their existence. The aim of this research was to study the relationship of knowledge management and its components and human resource performance. The study was descriptive and data were collected with a questionnaire which had validity and its reliability was determined as 91.8% by Cronbach’s alpha. Statistical population consisted of 83 subjects that equal the statistical sample. Results from multiple regression analysis of predictive equation showed the HR performance as 59.69, diagnosis of knowledge 0.201, education of knowledge 0.428 and knowledge sharing 0.016 respectively. Absence of other variables in the model meant that their role in the model was not significant. Out of the three variables in the model, education of knowledge had the highest role in predicting human resources performance in the physical education general office of west Azerbaijan (Iran).