The aim of this study was to design a student sport strategy of Islamic Azad University. This study was a description application study and from the aspect of aim was practical. Statistical population consisted of 94 managers and experts of Physical Education General Office of Islamic Azad University, selected physical education managers and experts of faculties of Islamic Azad University and physical education faculty members who were involved in the actions of the General Office of Islamic Azad University. The sample equaled the population. Data were collected by open and close questionnaires. The validity was confirmed by some experts and the reliability of the close questionnaire was obtained by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient as 0.83. Friedman test was used to prioritize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. After evaluation matrix and SWOT analysis of internal and external variables, the results showed that the strategic situation of student sport of Islamic Azad University was within conservative area (WO). Finally, appropriate strategies were suggested