The aim of this study was to survey sport sponsorship objectives of super league sponsors of Iran. The method of this study was descriptive correlation. The statistical population consisted of all sponsors who sponsored 9 active sport fields in super league. The sample consisted of 134 sponsors. A research-made questionnaire was used to collect data; its content and face validity was confirmed by 15 sport management and sponsorship experts. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient was used to test the reliability of the questionnaire (?=0.92). Factor analysis with a varimax rotation was used to analyze the data. A 5-point Likert scale was filled out by managers, marketing managers or financial managers of organizations or companies that sponsored the sport teams. 26 variables were selected and classified into four categories “broad objectives, marketing objectives, media–advertising objectives and relationship–environmental objectives” by factor analysis. The findings showed that the most important objective was “improving corporate reputation” (mean=4.20, SD=1.30) and the least important objective was “challenge and advertising competition in media” (mean=2.83, SD=1.30). So sponsored sport organizations should pay attention to achieve sponsors’ objectives so that their win-win relationships and cooperation can be maintained and continued.