The aim of the present study was to survey and compare safety standards of sport spaces and equipment of different educational levels in Tehran schools and to provide strategies to eliminate probable problems and to use them properly. This survey was a descriptive survey. The statistical population included all sports spaces of schools in Tehran. 289 schools were selected as the sample by multistage systematic sampling. Researcher-made checklists were used to collect data. Safety was investigated through five factors including inside the field and surfaces, privacy and lines, design and dimensions, facilities and coverage and equipment. Descriptive statistics were determined to determine the safety condition of different factors and Kruskal Wallis and U-Mann-Whitney tests to evaluate the safety condition of different educational levels by SPSS11. Research results showed a wide range of observation and lake of observation of safety standards in the various factors. A significant difference was observed in safety status of different education levels (P<0.05), that is, guidance schools and high schools had better conditions than primary schools. Considering the research results and the importance of physical activity and reported deficits, safety solutions were provided using school playground safety guidelines.