The aim of this research was to investigate the relationship between service quality and satisfaction of spectators in host stadiums of AFC championship league. The method of research was descriptive – correlation. The sample of the research consisted of 1443 spectators in host stadiums of the AFC championship league in 2009 season (Azadi in Tehran, Fuladshahr in Isfahan, and Yadegar-e-Imam in Qom) who were selected by the purposive and available sampling. The researcher-made questionnaire of service quality and satisfaction was used to collect data; the reliability was calculated as 0.84 using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient. Data were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and multivariate regression. The results showed a significant relationship between the access to service, security, design and attractiveness of the stadiums with satisfaction of the spectators (P<0.001) and between cleanness of the stadiums, the behaviour of management and executive staff with satisfaction of the spectators (P<0.001). As customers’ satisfaction have many advantages for clubs and teams in sport industry, football clubs like service institutes must consider customers’ satisfaction as an important criterion to measure the quality of their service. Thus, it is necessary for clubs and their managers to try their best to promote the level of service to their fans who are the main treasure and the most important source of income and to maintain and continue their attendance in the stadiums through satisfying them.