This study aimed to investigate gender orientation with regard to news management components and women sport reports in sport newspapers in Iran. The method of this research was content analysis. Statistical population of this research consisted of five Iranian highly published sport newspapers in 2009 and the sample (3269 news) was selected using cluster sampling method. Coding sheets were used to collect the data; the validity was approved by sport management and communications experts and the reliability was 90%. Square test was used to analyze data. New management components consisted of using pictures for the news, the place of news in the newspaper, being up-to-date, news orientation, title valuing, new financing and news content. The results of this study showed that women had lower share in each component of the news management in the newspapers. The theoretical aspects of this study relied upon sociological theories of Collins, Chafetz and Greendorfer who believed that the main reason for gender orientation in every society is power achievement by males and social beliefs.