Yoga has been considered as one of influential factors in reducing stress and psychological disease in many countries all over the world. In Iran, Yoga has received much attention from Iranian women recently and this trend is accelerating. This study aimed to explore the main reasons of their interest. Since family life is considered as the most important private sphere of women’s lives, this study tried to find out the influential role of Yoga in family relations. This study showed that women who regularly participated in Yoga classes make themselves closer to their emotional role in their families, and try to change and improve their attitudes towards this role. To achieve these goals, they participate in Yoga classes to obtain tranquility, to empower themselves to encounter problems in life and to become more spiritual individuals. In this regard, the concept of unity in Yoga promotes non – feminist perspectives and encourages people to gain unity, peace and tranquility in their lives. Therefore, women experience more peace and tranquility in their family life.