Most sports are attractive because they are almost unpredictable today. The more the competitiveness of league teams, the harder to predict the games and as a result that league will be more attractive. The aim of this study was to investigate competitive balance in Iran football premier league (1995 – 2010). The data were secondary and collected from the final tables of Iran premier league in respective seasons. The five – club concentration ratio (C5) and C5 index of competitive balance (C5ICB) were used to analyze the data. The lower C5ICB and C5 were, the more competitive balance was and vice versa. In order to understand the findings more comprehensively, the results of the research were presented in average of 5 years as follows; average 1st five years: 128, average 2nd five years: 131, average 3rd five years: 129. So, Iran premier league had higher balance during 1995-2000 and lower balance during 2000 – 2005. It seems that football is more balanced in Iran; traditional-oriented condition is vanished in Tehran and is developing all over the country.