In Order to design and validate the social capital questionnaire for employees of Physical Education Organization, the main research question was whether a social capital questionnaire designed by researchers had sufficient validity and reliability. The population of the research consisted of employees of the organization (N=700). 299 subjects were selected as the sample by systematic random sampling method using Cochran sample size formula. To evaluate the reliability of the questionnaire, Cronbach’s alpha (to investigate the internal consistency of the questions) and Test-retest were used. In order to investigate validity of the questionnaire, construct validity was checked using confirmatory factor analysis (KMO= 0.88). Predictive validity was used to investigate the relationship between this questionnaire and MMPI-2RFi Questionnaire; differential validity was used to investigate social capital in in two groups with and without managerial experience. The results showed that social capital questionnaire consisted of four factors: organizational trust, benevolence, mutual relations, trust and reciprocity. Validity coefficient of each four factors and total validity coefficient was more than 0.70. Furthermore, regarding predictive validity, neurosis and negative emotion subscales of MMPI-2RFi questionnaire were significantly and negatively associated with benevolene of social capital questionnaire. Regarding differential validity, there was a significant difference between the groups with and without managerial experience.