Educational needs assessment of information and communication technology (ITC) determines basic and specialized skill needs of human resources in the ICT. This study investigated educational needs of information and communication technology (ICT) in faculty members of physical education, universities of East Azerbaijan province. Data were collected usinga researcher-made questionnaire (the reliability and validity were determined) from 29 subjects (the sample of the study). In the research, descriptive statistics, Kolmogrov – Smirnoff test, t test and Friedman test were used. Statistical sample equaled the statistical population (20 males and 9 females). Results showed that faculty members to use ICT effectively in teaching and research process require moderate basic education and high specialized education. They believed that application of ICT in education and research was useful and effective. They were interested in participating in educational workshops; in professional courses, they needed educational courses of human movement analysis and evaluation by computer and in preparatory courses, they needed workshops of ICDL. Also, they believed that exiting facilities can be used efficiently through ICT, invention and innovation can increase, activities cab be organized, intra-organizational communication can be easier; university professors can provide sports services and virtual education and activity can be promoted out of the organization.