The aim of this study was to determine the effect of coaches’ leadership styles on motivational climate and achievement goals of women playing basketball in premier league of Iran. This study was descriptive and field. Statistical population of this research consisted of all 174 female basketball players in premier league of Iran. The statistical sample equaled the statistical population. To collect data, demographic characteristics questionnaire, leadership sport scale (LSS), perceived motivational climate in sport questionnaire (PMCSQ) and achievement goals questionnaire (TEOSQ) were used. After their reliability and validity was determined, they were distributed among the participants. Descriptive statistics method was used to analyze the data, multivariate and univariate regressions were used to determine and predict the relationships and SEM (structural equation model) was used to propose the model with an emphasis on Lisrel 9.2. The results showed that coaches’ leadership styles directly and indirectly affected basketball players’ achievement goals through the type of motivational climate; and indirect effect was greater than the direct effect.